I hear you. Because as I’ve travelled throughout District 4, I’ve listened.


On street corners, in Zoom Town Hall meetings, and sitting at local diners, you’ve shared your concerns with me and talked about what matters most to you and your families.


Here’s what you told me and what I pledge to work on as your District 4 City Council Representative.


Infrastructure Improvements


It’s no secret. When it rains in Southside, it pours AND floods. So, I intend to work to fix the drainage and flood hazards in our district. And by the way, that pothole that’s older than me? Let’s get that one and all the rest filled in. Lastly, a walk-able neighborhood is a live-able one and extending sidewalks is a step in the right direction. 

“Infrastructure” has become a buzzword in our current political climate, but rarely do we talk about what it means and what we can do to improve it. Years of infrastructure neglect in our city has made our roads increasingly unsafe and made flooding issues worse.


I’ve spoken to business owners who are forced to close their storefronts at times during hurricane season and the summer months because of the impacts of local flooding. I’ve seen first-hand the danger of many of our intersections, stop signs being obstructed, roads under endless construction and the potholes plaguing our roadways.


If elected, I promise to fight for addressing these problems and push for our infrastructure to be better maintained, so you and your family can be at ease on our roadways and sidewalks.


Community Development

Public Safety – To help keep our district safer, I plan to create a neighborhood watch guide and a list of zones, as well as the officers who protect us. I also believe that we need to address the problem of panhandlers by working with the community agencies that can help with both immediate and long term solutions.

Traffic & Zoning – It’s time to take a look at stop signs and ways to improve traffic flow and implement speeding techniques that will make our intersections and streets safer.

Park & Recreation Spaces Improvement – We are fortunate to have more than 20 public parks just in District 4 alone. During these pandemic times, outdoor recreation and spaces are crucial to the well-being of individuals and families. I intend to make sure that these community assets are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Education – We have great schools in our district with teachers and administrators who are working tirelessly to provide a safe experience and environment for students. I plan to collaborate closely with School Board District 3 to promote the education and well-being of our young people.

Mental Health Assistance – The need for mental health services has never been greater in our community and providing these services impacts public safety as well as individual well-being. That’s why I advocate having a central facility in District 4 to support those who are struggling.


Sustainability – We live in a lovely but fragile area. The quality of our air and water deeply affects our quality of life. One sewage tainted creek can ruin the lives of everyone who lives on or near it. That’s why I support and will promote sustainable efforts to improve our environmental impact and decrease our carbon footprint.


Transparency in

our leadership

For far too long in Jacksonville, our leaders have represented special interests instead of listening to - and working for the community. The shameful JEA deal revealed again the “same old-same old” political machine that has operated here for decades. These kinds of episodes have caused a loss of the community’s trust in other agencies.

The truth is we all want a safer community and we need to listen to all the voices, from the officers on the streets to community leaders who are advocating for change. 

To help increase trust between the public, law enforcement, and our local government, I will continue to hold regular Town Halls.

I will continue to support investing in programming to get to the root cause of crime while also supporting our local police officers who put their lives on the line to ensure public safety. 

I respect the funding that recently passed City Council. I believe we need to find additional dollars to support our community and aid in crime prevention. 

When I'm elected, I will support programs for mental health, trade schools, and life skills in schools because addressing these issues is the first step to prevention. 

We can't wait until crime spikes or our prisons are full. We start now and focus on community, mentorship, dialogue, and government to actively create progress in our city. 




Back to Work - Getting people back on the job is priority one. I’d like to start a Hire Local program and focus on employment assistance and opportunities.

Small Business Support – We have an incredibly diverse and motivated small business community that deserves our support. So, I want to create a Southside Pride Guide for businesses in the area to promote and drive business to our neighborhood entrepreneurs. This project would be in co-operation with the Jax Chamber of Commerce and would place special emphasis on veteran, women, & minority owned business.

Responsible & Smart Development – Beauty adds value. That’s why I plan to work with developers to promote smart growth. I will also make sure residents are informed, aware, and have the opportunity to state their opinion on proposed projects.

town halls

In addition to engaging with District 4 residents through HOA meetings, email exchanges and text messages, I offer ONLINE Town Halls on specific topics of interest to District 4 residents. Checkout our Facebook Events page to learn how to join us LIVE ONLINE for civil conversation.

Learn more about me and my passion for serving our community. I will be your voice on City Council.


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